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Our Transportation Division is a one-stop-shop for the professional planning, design, implementation, management and maintenance of transport infrastructure, inclusive of road, rail, airport and seaport infrastructure.


Consulting on new urban and rural road and highway design, we give considered opinion to traffic requirements, plant and material availability and cost, as well as future maintenance needs.


Being supportive of the capacity-building ideal, we also assess the feasibility of employing local community members on labour-intensive projects, with the objective of creating new employment opportunities and crucial skills development.


Traffic and Transport Planning:

  • Feasibility studies;

  • Traffic impact assessments/statements (TIA/TIS);

  • Traffic surveys and data collection;

  • Parking studies; and

  • Transportation modelling.

Roads and Highways:

  • Feasibility studies;

  • Pavement evaluations;

  • Roads design (urban, rural and highways);

  • Intersection/interchange design;

  • Bulk earthworks;

  • BRT systems;

  • Tender documentation and adjudication;

  • Contract administration; and

  • Site supervision and monitoring.

Road Rehabilitation:

  • Pavement survey and analysis;

  • Road rehabilitation design;

  • Drainage repair and upgrade;

  • Rehabilitation and rejuvenation of existing roads;

  • Safety and capacity analyses;

  • Routine road maintenance;

  • Re-seal (periodic road maintenance);

  • Specifications and contract documents; and

  • Project management.



  • New alignments;

  • Formation design;

  • Formation and ballast rehabilitation;

  • Drainage (surface and sub-surface); and

  • Refurbishment of rails and sleepers.

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