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South Africa is a country rich in diversity with varying demographics with a constant Housing shortage to meet its ever growing Human population.

The provision of suitable housing and clean water is a basic human right.

BMK Consulting Engineers have an opportunity to assist with alleviating this with our appointment to undertake the Design and Management of infrastructure services for CORNUBIA INTEGRATED HUMAN SETTLEMENT DEVELOPMENT PHASE 2B.

The following engineering services and design solutions form part of the deliverables :

1. Bulk Infrastructure (Roads, Water, Sanitation)

2. Roads and Access Geometric Design

3. Sidewalks and Footpaths

4. Platforms (Earthworks and Houses)

5. Layer works Design

6. Stormwater Reticulation and Attenuation Design

7. Sanitation Design

8. Water Reticulation Design

9. Retaining Structures (As required)

Project Information

Value: R 1 Billion

Duration: 3-year Appointment (2018 - 2021)

No of Units: 3200

Client: eThekwini Municipality


BMK Consulting Engineers as a sub-consultant to Zitholele Consulting were appointed by Johannesburg Water (JW) SOC LTD to undertake the design and implementation of the new uPVC pipelines within the Ennerdale area, Gauteng.

The Ennerdale AC Replacement Project entailed the design and construction of approximate 14.3 km of pipeline ranging from 110mm diameter to 250mm diameter uPVC pipe. The source of water supply is from the existing Ennerdale Reservoirs 1 and 2. These 2 Reservoirs supply the entire Ennerdale and Lawley areas. However, the existing AC water mains were near the end of its serviceable life.

The Project construction value is estimated at R 40 037 020.00 million.


The Ennerdale Project area is bounded by the following roads:

  • R558 (Northern boundary)

  • Agaat Road, Wulfenite Street (western boundary)

  • Zircon Road (Southern boundary)

  • Town Road, Skeleton Street, George Street, First Street (Eastern Boundary)

Pipe Laying
Compaction Fill


"A great attitude becomes a great day which becomes a great month which becomes a great year which becomes a great life." Mandy Hale


Too many lives are lost to Cancer; the suffering that the patient endures is traumatic. The family along with their loved one, experience this and it is harrowing and life changing. I fought that battle & won it!” said Mrs Nirasha Kannigadu. “In 2019 our donation of non-perishables, toiletries & medical supplies to the Verulam Hospice was not only a company initiative but also a personal one for me” said Mrs Kannigadu.

Verulam Hospice was established in 1997, it is located in 45 As –Safa Way Riyadh, Verulam. Their mission is to uplift the quality of life by promoting and supporting with the aim to be the leading palliative care institution providing free integrated home based service and support to patients with life threatening illnesses as well as to produce holistic and quality home based palliative care service to all their patients.

“Through our donation we were able to provide for those brave individuals who are bedridden or cannot afford the necessary items; this was very heart-warming. After my ordeal, I understand how important it is to boost your physical and emotional being and; maintain it. BMK Group is proud to have contributed to the well-being of the patients at the Verulam Hospice” said Mrs Kannigadu.

Over the last few years all our Community upliftment Projects like this and the recent food donation to the Denis Hurley centre has been actioned under the BMK Group. We have identified the need to establish a Non-Profit Organization aptly named The BMK Foundation; this will be the driving force behind all BMK Groups Community Upliftment Projects in the future.

BMK Foundation will be spearheaded by Mrs Nirasha Kannigadu. “I am extremely proud to be able to take on this role as Director of BMK Foundation to identify Charities that need assistance and to give back to the community” said Mrs Nirasha Kannigadu.

BMK Group Staff at Verulam Hospice Donation Handover

BMK Group Vehicles Loaded with Donation items


BMK Technologies were appointed to undertake the conditional assessment of the stormwater Infrastructure within the eThekwini Municipality area by the Coastal Stormwater and Catchment Management department (CSCM). Many municipalities consider asset management a vital component of the life cycle of stormwater infrastructure. An effective asset management system prolongs the life cycle of stormwater systems and helps ensure they meet required levels of service.

BMK Technologies prides itself as being one of few companies in Kwa-Zulu Natal to use specialised equipment and software for the maintenance and update of stormwater infrastructure networks to establish the structural condition and functionality of the various assets.

BMK Technologies conducts Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) pipeline investigations of all stormwater infrastructures within project boundaries. These investigations update, verify and determine the condition of stormwater infrastructure using WinCan VX operated by skilled professionals. If CCTV inspection is unable to be undertaken due to blockages, a High Pressure Jetting and Vacuum team is deployed to clear the networks. Once stormwater networks are cleared then CCTV teams can conduct a conditional assessment of the stormwater infrastructure.

Through the implementation of high-tech equipment and a methodical approach, this project is able to provide the CSCM department with an effective GIS asset management database that contains all the relevant data on strategic infrastructure assets which will extend the asset management capabilities of the department. The intention is to allow CSCM to effectively manage their assets in terms of upgrading stormwater infrastructure, determine service levels, improve development control and undertake scenario planning associated with urban densification, climate change and maintenance regimens by the use of hydraulic stormwater modelling and flood assessments.

With the asset management project BMK aims to minimize costs, while extend asset life, reduce risk, and conduct succession planning and increased reliability. The core of sustainability is to minimise the use of consumables, reduce the use of natural resources and the impact on the environment while engaging and improving the community as a responsible municipality.

BMK has provided reliable, innovative stormwater network management services, delivering the development of effective operational strategy, efficiently integrating both office and field activities.


BMK Operations Manager Shannon with handler and the Iguana rescued from the pipeline

Image of Iguana in the Pipeline taken by the CCTV Crawler

Image of Porcupine getting a closer look of the CCTV crawler

Image of Porcupine walking away as he wasn't interested in what he saw.


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