Cleaning Activities

With inspections and assessments completed, BMK Technologies also has the ability to offer clients drain and pipeline cleaning services, utilising an array of available high-pressure jet cleaning equipment, designed for a variety of cleaning applications.

We undertake high-pressure drain and pipeline cleaning to clear blockages, complete routine maintenance work or for camera-based inspections. We also have the capacity to provide for high-pressure industrial and cylinder cleaning operations.

Our fleet of pipeline cleaning vehicles includes combination trucks for simultaneous high-pressure water jetting and vacuuming operations, vacuum trucks for wet and dry applications and high-pressure jetting trucks.


In essence, our services include:

  • Assessment and comprehensive report preparation, utilising WinCan software;

  • Pipeline and underground infrastructure conditional inspections, using CCTV crawlers to identify:

    • Deterioration;

    • Pipe intrusion;

    • Joint displacement;

    • Manhole location;

    • Surface damage; and

    • Pipe diameter measurement; and

  • High-pressure cleaning, using jetting vehicles.


So, for any pipeline failure, such as blocked drains and sumps, storm-water flooding or sewer overflows, or for proactive pipeline maintenance, BMK Technologies has a tailor-made solution, conducted thorough routine inspections and emergency video-based surveys, as well as jet cleaning and vacuum operations.


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